Ultimate Picture Palace | Oxford, England, UK

I’m kind of missing my home university nowadays.  They’re having a Nora Ephron weekend to remember her after her death this summer, and, well…I love Nora Ephron.

I did, however, watch Ruby Sparks this week at the Ultimate Picture Palace, which is an adorable, friendly theater with mildly comfortable chairs.  I went to watch Ruby Sparks and only realized when I got there that it was one of their baby showings.  Not as in babies were going to watch Ruby Sparks, but that their parents could watch and not feel too embarrassed if their baby started screaming halfway through.  At any rate, as strange as it was being that awkward person watching a movie alone and sans baby, I had fun.  Although I certainly felt somewhat misled into thinking that Ruby Sparks was a feminist movie as opposed to a movie with feminist themes.  It’s no Stepford Wives (1975).

There seems to be a documentary about the theater, but I can only find the trailer.

photo by thisoysterismyhometown